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Survey for Evaluating Websites That Sell CDís

1. Name of site _______________________________________________________________

2. URL: _______________________________________________________

3. Can you move from page to page easily ? ____________

4. Is there good use of graphics and color ? _____________

5. Are the most current CDís available ? __________________

6. Are prices similar to what you would pay at a mall CD store? ____________

7. Is delivery guaranteed in a specific amount of time? _______________

8. What is the typical delivery charge if any? _________________

9. Is there a search mechanism for finding specific CDís in different categories of music? ____________

10. Can you search by artist? _______________

11. Is there a way of contacting someone if you have a question? ____________

12. Have you ever ordered a CD from this site? ____________

If so, were you happy with the service?______________

13. Would you recommend this site to a friend? _____________

14. Can you listen to sections of the CD you would like to purchase? ____________

15. Are you likely to visit this site again? _____________