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Where's the Best Place to Purchase CD's Online

A WebQuest for Middle School Students

Designed by
Roger Botelho
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In this webquest you will explore a variety of websites that specialize in selling CD's.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find the best all around site for purchasing CD's on the internet.  What information do you feel is important?  Do you like to see a picture of the CD jacket?  Do you want to be able to search for your favorite artist?  Is price important to you?  How long will it take to get your CD?  You can find this out and more as you explore the internet in search of the best site for purchasing CD's.  You will not have to actually purchase a CD during this quest but hopefully your search and investigation will give you the best information if you ever decided to purchase CD's over the internet. 

The Task
The task will include the following items:

  • decision on which site is best for purchasing CD's based on what you think is important
  • a survey or checklist will be employed to help organize your info
  • personal experiences can be included in your evaluation
  • summary to be created with facts and information backing up your decision
To complete the task you will use information available on The Web along with the survey included in the process.

The Process
You will accomplish this task individually.  You will have two weeks to complete this quest and you will be evaluated using the rubric included with this webquest. Time will be provided during class four times during the two week period for you to explore the internet. 


You will be give an individual grade for completing this webquest.  The three areas that will be evaluated are listed below with four performance levels.  The scores will be graded as follows:

  • 10 and above = A range
  • 7 - 9 = B range
  • 4 - 6 = C range
  • less than 4 = D range




Very Good




Used the survey included or an alternative prepared evaluation or created your own.


Used the included survey but did not answer at least 10 questions.
Used the included survey, answered all 15 questions and/or added additional questions
Selected an alternative prepared evaluation and added additional and appropriate questions
Created your own survey with appropriate criteria
Included evaluations for at least five sites


Evaluated   five sites. but did not complete or review at least 10 criteria
Evaluated five sites, reviewing at least 10 criteria for each site
Evaluated between 6-8 sites, reviewing at least 10 criteria for each site
Evaluated more than 8 sites, reviewing at least 10 criteria for each site
A two paragraph summary is included


A summary is included but is not two paragraphs long.
A two paragraph summary is included, but your decision is not convincing and is not supported with specific information.
A two paragraph summary is included with a convincing decision and supported by specific information obtained from the surveys
A two paragraph summary is included with  a convincing decision, supported by specific information from the surveys, and contains correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Hopefully, by completing this webquest you will be able to make a better decision if you are interested in purchasing CD's over the internet.  The information you have gathered can also be helpful if you are doing other types of shopping on the internet. 

Credits & References

 This webquest was created as partial requirement for the course Internet for Educators.  Many thanks to Anne Silva for her continued support and assistance in using a computer, exploring the internet, creating a website, and creating a webquest.  The following sites along with the links included in the process section of this quest were helpful and important to the creation of this webquest.
#1 Free Clip Art
Thoughts About Webquests

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